Windows Live – New version available

Windows Live   New version available Now, I constantly have to answer people who say, “Why isn’t Microsoft Messenger available on all Windows phones?” To be honest the reasons are all too boring and annoying, especially when it’s sometimes easier than ever to get Messenger (oh, and Exchange push-mail too) on non-Windows powered phones.

If you use the Windows Live services, grab the latest version of the software by pointing your mobile browser to You may have to uninstall Windows Live on your device if it’s already installed. The new version includes the ability to sync Live contacts with your own and sync Live email too. If, like many others, you just want to chat to your online mates via Messenger then the official line is to “talk to your network provider”. Oh course, if you do this, your network will no doubt say, “Meh?” Our advice is to investigate software like Agile Messenger which will log you into MSN, AIM, Yahoo!, ICQ and GoogleTalk for free. Either that, or you can do a search on xda-developers for an older version that does include the Messenger feature.

No, I don’t understand it either. Messenger is perhaps the most popular bit of software on PC’s for a lot of people, and for some customers it would be one of the main reasons they buy a phone. This whole situation, and the fact that networks are allowed to remove it and add (or not add) their own versions of messaging software is crazy.