Orange very almost launch TyTN II 6.1 Update

Orange very almost launch TyTN II 6.1 Update Tucked away, deep down in the Orange website (oh, how we wish this whole upgrade procedure was centralised) is this, a page showing how great the new Windows Mobile 6.1 Upgrade for the HTC TyTN II will be. Unfortunately, as I type, there’s no actual link to the ROM – just a page telling you what’s updated in the new upgrade.

Yes, yes, we were told that this update would arrive “mid-May“, and yes it’s another “doah” moment from the Orange web team, but hey, at least there’s a little progress. One cold pint of lager goes out to anyone who sends us the actual download link please.

Oh, and the links above will throw you into a “handset selection” screen – you need to choose the TyTN II, then choose “your phone’s features”, then choose “download software updates”. Yes, it should be easier than this.

Update – The mighty have managed to get a test build of the HTC TyTN II update (for the Orange UK network) here!

Link –
Credit – Richard Haywood / Stephen Irving