Remotely control cool stuff with Windows Mobile

Remotely control cool stuff with Windows Mobile If you were watching the rather excellent TopGear last night then you probably saw James May showing how a Renault concept car could be controlled with a Samsung i600. You can see more on the video below. This reminded us of a skateboard that was featured on MoDaCo last year. The GroundSurf board is also controlled by a mobile phone and uses a front wheel motor to push you along the road.

The GroundSurf is now available to buy, production has just started and you better start saving – they cost €1900 (around £1507). Weighing in at 9Kg it has a top speed of 25 kph, with your Windows Mobile acting as an optional control system. You use the GroundSurf Mobile Remote interface to speed up or slow down by moving your thumb over the screen.

Links – GroundSurf.comRemote control car

Credit – Johnny De’Silva