Bluetooth Security – Are you being tracked?

Bluetooth Security   Are you being tracked? There’s a rather interesting article in the Guardian newspaper today. It’s all about the Bluetooth ID sent by your phone. According to the story, several scanners have been hidden in offices, campuses, streets and pubs around Bath. These scanners are used by a University project called “Cityware” which will track the location of devices around the city.

Most people will leave their Bluetooth ID set to on without realising that their position could be tracked in this way. However, Cityware’s Director, Eamonn O’Neill, states that the objective isn’t to track people..

“We are interested in the aggregate behaviour of city dwellers as a whole. The notion that any agency would seriously consider Bluetooth scanning as a surveillance technique is ludicrous.”

Umm.. Surely to determine “aggregate behaviour” you’d have to track where those people are going ? Yes?

Link – The Guardian
Credit – Jez Ash