Video drivers appear for Qualcomm kit

Video drivers appear for Qualcomm kit Remember the video performance problems with HTC devices using Qualcomm MSM7200 and MSM7500 chipsets? The devices in question seem to ignore the hardware acceleration available on the chips and so, over the last few months, the guys at HTCClassAction and xda-developers have been working to come up with a fix.

Today the first early driver has appeared for the HTC TyTN II along with a test program to see the Direct 3D accelerated by the hardware. Run the test program on a stock TyTN II and it’ll fail, but after the drivers are installed you’ll get this, plus your user experience should be improved quite a bit. It’s not fullscreen yet, but it’s only a matter of time before that’s done.

Head on over to HTCClassAction for a video of it in action plus the CAB file itself.

Link – HTCClassAction