Two quick data entry solutions from Dasur

Two quick data entry solutions from Dasur Dasur have released to applications designed to speed up your data entry on Windows Mobile touch-screen devices. SlideIT is designed for stylus input, whilst ThumbKey is a finger-driven solution. We took a look at the ThumbKey software, which worked really well. You simply type away on the screen using this keyboard and – even if you make a mistake – it’ll guess what word you wanted and piece it together. Simple.

With the stylus-driven SlideIT software you simply point to the first letter of a word and then slide the stylus to the subsequent letters. Once you’ve done, just release the stylus and it’ll recognise the word and insert it along with a space. According to the developer you can achieve 50 words per minute.

Both products are available to download free for a trial period, you can then buy Thumbkey for $25 (£12.48) or grab SlideIT for a whacking $40 (£19.96). Blimey, is it me or is software costing more nowadays? You can also watch videos of SlideIT and Thumbkey in action below.

Links – SlideITThumbKey