T-Mobile MDA Compact IV on sale

T Mobile MDA Compact IV on sale Shh.. you’ve got to keep this on the down-low. We’re hearing that the T-Mobile Compact IV is actually in stock on T-Mobile UK. This is pretty much the same device as the rather splendid HTC Touch Diamond – albeit with a smooth back end and slightly tweaked key arrangement. T-Mobile Germany are already selling it and we first spotted the thing back in March.

Although it’s not currently showing in the Business or Personal sections of the T-Mobile website, our contacts say that there’s currently around 195 in stock. You’ll probably need to give their sales team a call but be quick, because apparently over 100 were sold this morning. They’re priced at £229.99, however you’ll definitely be able to get a heafty reduction depending on the tariff you go for. According to our details there won’t be any more stock arriving before August, so make sure you keep this to yourself eh ?

Oh, and there’s just a few T-Mobile Ameo 16Gb (aka the Advantage) units knocking around too – but these are quite low in stock.

Update – This is now live on the T-Mobile website too!

Link – T-Mobile MDA Compact IV Press Release