MDA Compact IV now live on T-Mobile website

MDA Compact IV now live on T Mobile website Following our story from just a few hours back, T-Mobile have now added the MDA Compact IV onto their website here and here.

The handset is now available in the Personal and Business sections with prices starting from absolutely nothing on selected plans. T-Mobile have also added a sprinkle of goodness with a free 7-day CoPilot trial and automatic push-email which (we presume) is provided by T-Mobile too?

If you have one on the way, or you’re just unboxing yours, let us know what you think, what deal you got and what software is included!

Oh, and we’ve had an update on the stock situation – there’s around 150 left now, so be quick!

Links – T-Mobile MDA Compact IV (Personal)(Business)
Credit – Johnny De’Silva