Orange offer the iPhone ?!

Orange offer the iPhone ?! Oh, Orange are on fire at the moment! In fact, you should probably sit down for this one. Following the confusing new “unlimited” data tariffs which showed “unlimited for two months” they now appear to be offering a free iPod Touch with phones that are clearly marketed as … errr.. “music phones”. For example, you get the iPod Touch with the Sony Ericsson Walkman phones… hmm…

But wait, it gets even better – take a look at the image on the right. See the earpiece ? Yup. Guess what. That’s actually a picture of ……. the …….iPhone.

In the words of Homer Simpson… DOAH ! Can I get a job doing the Orange website please? This is an iPod Touch. See? Notice the lack of earpiece? Putting a picture of the iPhone – a handset exclusive to competitor o2 – on the Orange website is a rather colossal faux pas.

Update – It looks like they’ve realised their mistake and there’s now an iPod Touch on show.

Link – Free iPod Touch Offer

Credit – Nick Butcher

Orange offer the iPhone ?!