New Orange Data Plans get confusing..

New Orange Data Plans get confusing.. We’ve been following the all-new Orange data plans since we asked the guy in charge why they were so pants during the launch of the HTC Touch Diamond. The “unlimited” data allowances aren’t really unlimited but it’s a whole lot better than the 30Mb limit previously available to personal customers.

However, things have got a bit confusing. Although the plans we showed earlier state “unlimited mobile internet browsing”, it seems that you get this magic phrase when you click “More”. The pages, like this one, all seem to show that it’s unlimited.. err.. for two months.. and only in the evening and at weekends. Meh ? Even the really expensive plans seem to say this and the guys in Orange customer service seem to be confused about it too. Most are saying that this is wrong, and it really, really is unlimited at all times of the day or night and it won’t extend your contract length.. just stay under that 500Mb cap.

Confused ? Well, we’re presuming that this either a mistake by the people doing the Orange website or things are just a bit jumbled with the introduction of the new plans.. perhaps a mixture of the two. Either way, you guys have the latest goss here in our forum.

Come on networks. We know there has to be a “fair usage” limit, but “Unlimited” should mean unlimited, and new plans should be clear, concise and easy to understand by customers and staff alike.

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Credit – Beau Chambers and everyone in the forum