More on those new Orange data plans

More on those new Orange data plans The new Orange data plans are now online. Dolphin 35 will have 600 minutes of talk time with unlimited texts and unlimited data (up to 500Mb fair usage). Racoon 35 will offer 700 minutes of talk time with 100 texts, unlimited calls to landlines and unlimited data (500Mb). If you choose a plan below “35” you can’t have the added unlimited data plan.

Also, Orange should be offering up the HTC Touch Diamond from July 14th. Update – We’re now hearing that this may be pushed back to July 30th!

Update – These new plans are now live. I’ve just logged into and it’s now listing plans with “Unlimited internet browsing”. It does also have a message at the top of this page stating, “Please note – if you change your service plan online your current contract period will stay the same. To start a new 12, 18 or 24 month contract please call 343”. So, in theory, if you change to the Dolphin 35 plan shown here it won’t tie you into a new contract period.

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