Update – New data plans for Orange

Update   New data plans for Orange Following our earlier story about the imminent arrival of the HTC Touch Diamond on Orange, we’ve had some interesting news. By now you’ll all be aware of our battle with Orange and their data plans. Personal customers, like myself, get just a 30Mb limit for £8 per month.

However, we’re hearing on the grapevine that new customers on 18 or 24 month plans of 35 and above will soon have Unlimited data access per month. This, of course, is set at a fair usage limit, but according to our sources it’s a rather healthy 500Mb.

Do you know more ? Give us a nudge and stay anonymous if you wish. We’re assuming this will be launched with the Diamond to coincide with the launch.

Update – We’ve had several people emailing in on this. Orange will be offering these soon but, from July 10th, existing customers will be able to change to the new tariff without signing up for another 18 month contract!

Update 2 – The Panther plans are to get the Unlimited data bundle (500mb fair use) for people who change to them from the July 1st. Some 30 and all 35+ plans will get the same data package for 1 month.

Link – HTC Touch Diamond on Orange