Popping out that lens cover on the HTC Touch Diamond

Popping out that lens cover on the HTC Touch Diamond When we took a look at the HTC Touch Diamond we noticed that a couple of photos seemed a little blurred. This shot in particular seemed to show the issue and we quickly worked out that the small plastic cover for the camera lens was just where your fingers tend to sit. In fact, I said on a private mailing list that “it’ll probably only be a couple of weeks before people are popping the lens cover out”. Indeed this seems to be happening already, with comparison shots appearing on the web with “before and after” photos showing a marked difference in quality.

Ah, but there’s always a cost to doing this sort of thing. Our old enemy, Mr Dust. Pop that little plastic lens cover out and you’ll no doubt get dust inside our shiny Touch Diamond fairly easily.

The choice, my friends, is yours. Personally I’ll just give it a good polish with my T-shirt. Hmm.. that came out wrong.

Link – howardforums.com
Credit – Mark Peters

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