More cheap memory cards and accessories

More cheap memory cards and accessories Last week we spotted this SanDisk 8Gb microSD card for £18.98 delivered. Now there’s one even cheaper over at for just £17.99 delivered! If you think 8Gb is just too vast, try the 4Gb one for £9.99, again with free delivery. Don’t forget to check that your device is “SDHC” compatible first though.

We’ve also found this cool Bluetooth adaptor for just £6.49 (free delivery) which is so tiny you’ll hardly notice it in your USB port. Ideal for transferring files and connecting to your Windows Mobile phone without a cable! Also, if you want to keep your personal files on a USB flash drive, you can grab this 8Gb flash pen for just £14.49 with free delivery.

Hmmm.. now it may seem that I’ve just pimped quite heavily there, but I’m just passing on some of the good deals found by, a website dedicated to bargain-hunters like myself who like to get the best deal on stuff! 🙂

Update – Oh, check out these stereo Bluetooth headphones for £17.99 with free delivery.

Links – 8Gb MicroSD4Gb MicroSDBluetooth Adaptor8Gb USB Flash drive