Official Spec Touch Diamond – With improved ROM

Official Spec Touch Diamond   With improved ROM Since doing our special “Week with the HTC Touch Diamond” video blogs we’ve seen other sites picking up the handset and commenting on it. Some of you may have seen these sites calling the interface “slow”. Indeed we had a couple of issues with the early test build, but this wasn’t the final version you’ll be buying in the shops, so it would be unfair to criticise it.

Today the final boxed version arrived in the Coolsmartphone kitchen, so I whipped it outside and filmed one of those “unboxing videos” to show you exactly what you’ll be getting. The good news from HTC is that these units have a faster and more stable build of the OS than you’ve seen tested by other sites. You can see from our screenshot here that the OS was built on June 10th 2008, just over a week ago. This phone – this one we have right here – is the official build. No dodgy imports, no early reviews. This is what you’ll be buying from the likes of devicewire and the new ROM update has hopefully addressed those concerns. We’ll be making sure of this over the next few days of course, but I’ve already updated our special report with pictures of the retail box and the video you can see below.

Update – As usual the new ROM has already appeared on certain sites.

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