A week with the Diamond – The Weekend Special!

A week with the Diamond   The Weekend Special! Alright, alright – I’ve made you wait long enough. The weekend special is now finally online. Sure, I said there’d be an extra two videos, but instead I’ve squashed into a colossal 37 minute movie. We’ve got the new final ROM, so YouTube gets another test and I’ll be showing you a bit more cool stuff in Opera. There’s also a test of the Voice Commander software, daylight screen conditions, a look again at the inside of the battery compartment, data transfer speed, RDP and much, much more!

Unfortunately the HTC Touch Diamond has now had to go back 🙁 However, I should have a final “retail version” very soon indeed, plus I’ll be answering the questions I’ve missed out in the forum. Sorry if I’ve missed your question, there just wasn’t enough time to fit everything in. I have managed to add more pictures to our Coolsmartphone Special Report including the interior and low-light shots people wanted. There’s also another video to watch, filmed on the Diamond itself.

So now sit back, get a coffee and read on for the Weekend Special. Thanks for making this past week such a great laugh too 🙂 I’m definitely going to be doing this again!

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