A week with the HTC Touch Diamond – Day 6

A week with the HTC Touch Diamond   Day 6 Yep, it’s day 6 already and we’ve got another wobble-cam special 😉 In our continuing look at the HTC Touch Diamond we get a good look today at two very important features for new users – the ringtone selection and the FM radio. I’ve also had many requests to show a full de-activation of the HTC TouchFLO 3D interface and turn the Diamond into a regular ‘ole Pocket PC (boo hiss) with the “Today” screen, so that’s included too.

In response to your questions I also change the background, resize the clock and show the size of caller images. At the last count I’ve had around 80 questions in the last 24 hours, some of which I still need to answer. Don’t worry too much if I haven’t covered your question yet – I’ll be able to keep this unit over the weekend too, so we could stretch this into a full 9 days of Q&A video fun 🙂

Oh, and while I’m here, it looks like Taiwan will be getting a version of the Diamond called the “HTC Touch Victor”, aka the P3702. It’s the Diamond with a slightly different design. Check it out here.

Read on to watch todays’ video.

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