A week with the HTC Touch Diamond – Day 5

A week with the HTC Touch Diamond   Day 5 These HTC Touch Diamond videos are proving to be a huge hit from what I’m hearing. This level of interaction and real Q&A is brilliant. The “action cam” nature of the videos and my sloppy editing seems to be scoring highly too…. who knew eh? 🙂 I’ve also had some fantastic questions about the state of my patio and how I like my tea. One guy has even offered to live in my house, make me tea and cook my dinner provided I let him play with the phone. Well, I’m happily married, but thanks for the offer. You’re a mad lot 🙂

Today I’m getting to the big selling point on the HTC Touch Diamond – the Internet Browser. The phone is sold with a promise of “true mobile internet”, so I wanted to show this in action using the on-board Opera 9.5. The YouTube player is also shown, plus we take another look at the battery life and view a video in a different player – Pocket TV. As usual there’s even more answers to your questions, so dive in if you’ve posted during the past day or two.

Also, I’ve managed to bribe the courier with several cans of strong beer. This will give me a few extra days to answer your questions, so don’t worry if your question isn’t featured just yet.

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