HTC Raphael shows up in T-Mobile colours

HTC Raphael shows up in T Mobile colours Getting a bit sick of all these HTC Touch Diamond stories by now? 😉 How about the first shots of the HTC Raphael ? Here they are, over at Imagine the HTC Touch Diamond with a slidey-out keyboard and you’re there. This is the dressed-for-T-Mobile version known as the “MDA Vario IV” (the Diamond will be called the MDA Compact IV). Yet again T-Mobile have been showing it off way before HTC have even announced it (remember this anyone?)..

Specs look pretty similar to the Diamond with GPS, WiFi, 3.2 megapixel camera and connectivity a-plenty. There’s rumours of 256Mb RAM and microSD expansion though 😉 There’s also a more rounded feel to the Vario IV and the QWERTY keyboard will no doubt satisfy those who aren’t fans of the touch-screen keyboards.

T-Mobile have also done their swapping around on the front keypad – the home / back keys have swapped position with the call / drop keys. No ETA or pricing as yet, but we’ll keep you posted.

Update – Also announced today was the T-Mobile flavour of the HTC Touch Diamond, to be known as the MDA Compact IV, along with the Ameo 16Gb handset. Get pictures here or read on for the full press release.

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Credit – Nick Butcher

Bonn/Munich, May 28, 2008

– T-Mobile and HTC present the new MDA compact IV with an
exclusive T-Mobile design

– Presentation of the latest member of the successful MDA family at
the international press conference in Munich

– Next level of innovation in mobile PDAs, with 3D touch screen,
3.2 megapixel auto-focus camera and 4 GB internal memory

– Ideal platform for T-Mobile services such as web’n’walk

– HSDPA and HSUPA technology for high-speed Internet via

– Integrated GPS module for convenient mobile navigation

– From late summer 2008: MDA Vario IV with complete slide-out
keyboard for even more convenience in the mobile office

– All-rounder for use on the move: Ameo 16GB with 16 GB hard disk
and new, improved keyboard


T-Mobile and HTC today presented the next level of innovation in their
MDA range at an international press conference in Munich: The new MDA
compact IV. T-Mobile will offer the latest member of the successful MDA
family across Europe with an exclusive design from July 2008. The MDA
compact IV is characterized by intuitive usability via a 3D touch screen, as
well as extensive multimedia features and high-performance mobile
technology. A further milestone in the successful technology partnership
between HTC and T-Mobile is the new MDA Vario IV, due in late summer
2008 as announced by Florian Seiche, Vice President HTC Europe Co. Ltd,
and Eva Wimmers, Executive Vice President Terminal Procurement
T-Mobile International.

MDA Compact IV – multimedia pro with 3D touch screen

The MDA compact IV has a high comfort factor thanks to the new 3Danimated
interface on the large touch screen (640 x 480 pixels). The pinsharp
VGA screen makes it particularly easy to use T-Mobile services such
as the MyFaves community service, or the web’n’walk Internet service, as
well as the Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system. The innovative PDA
phone with an exclusive T-Mobile design features integrated HSDPA and
HSUPA technology for rapid Internet communication via web’n’walk, with
speeds of up to 7.2 megabits per second. In addition, an integrated GPS
module enables mobile navigation. Further top features are a
3.2 megapixel auto-focus camera and 4 GB of internal memory.

At the press conference in Munich, T-Mobile Manager Eva Wimmers
highlighted the benefits that customers gain from the partnership between
T-Mobile and HTC: “T-Mobile is making the mobile Internetreality. We are
bringing communication, information and entertainment right to where our
customers want and need it – quickly, simply and conveniently. With HTC,
we have just the right technology partner on our side to enable us to offer
the best mobile services and exclusive devices for connected life and

“HTC and T-Mobile share a common vision to bring the most innovative
and enjoyable mobile experience to consumers. The MDA compact IV is
the result of our close cooperation – a device that combines a compact,
sleek design, a powerful 3D user interface and broadband speeds.” said
Florian Seiche. “We have worked hard to integrate T-Mobile services and
features, to deliver the best possible experience.”

MDA Vario IV – organizer for on the move

E-mails, contacts, dates: From late summer 2008, the MDA Vario IV from
T-Mobile will ensure even more convenience in the mobile office. A special
feature of the organizer for use on the move is the large, slide-out complete
QWERTY keyboard. Just like a PC keyboard, it has five rows of keys,
making it best in class in terms of mobile devices. Like the MDA
compact IV, the new MDA Vario IV also offers convenient mobile Internet
access via web’n’walk using HSDPA technology with speeds of up to
7.2 Mbit/s. Video telephony, video and music player, and a 3.2 megapixel
auto-focus camera as well as integrated GPS module round off the
device’s top features.

Ameo 16GB – all-rounder for mobile professionals

The Ameo 16GB will be launched in June 2008. As successor to the
T-Mobile Ameo launched in January 2007, the device combines state-ofthe-
art computer functions, mobile broadband technology and a phone with
an innovative design. Users can operate the device either with or without
the full QWERTY keyboard. When pressed, the keys now have a
perceivable effect and thus offer maximum convenience, even when writing
longer texts. The Ameo 16GB is much smaller and lighter than a minilaptop,
but slightly bigger than a PDA. Essential new features of the device
include hard disk capacity that has been doubled to 16 GB, and the
Windows Office Mobile 6.1 Professional operating system, which supports
Office 2007 file formats.

The technology partnership between HTC and T-Mobile

With the MDA family, HTC and T-Mobile have established a pioneering
group of devices in the market. The new MDA compact IV is the latest
product from the long-term partnership between one of the world’s leading
manufacturers of smartphones and PDA phones with Microsoft Windows
Mobile software and one of the most successful international mobile
providers. The MDA series stands for rapid, mobile Internet, flexible
working and infotainment for on the move, as well as convenient mobile