A week with the HTC Touch Diamond – Day 4

A week with the HTC Touch Diamond   Day 4 Today is the heavy battery test. I’ve been out and about, using the WinMo 6.1 HTC Touch Diamond alongside the WinMo 6.0 HTC TyTN II handset. I’ve hooked it up to the same Microsoft Exchange server on the same email account, so we’ve got an always-on data connection running. Then, to add a bit more stress I’ve done about 30 minutes browsing over WiFi and then used the on-board GPS during a one-hour drive. Bluetooth was turned on for both handsets.

The results? Well, it seems that the HTC Touch Diamond battery didn’t perform as well as the HTC TyTN II, but do remember that I can’t be 100% sure that the Diamond had it’s perfect first charge, plus I did perform a 30 minute demonstration for the camera after the second battery check 😉 More battery tests will be coming in the following days, and I’m loving all your questions – this is a true interactive review!

Also covered in today’s video is MMS sending, the camera application, file explorer and much more. I’ve also now expanded our special report to include screenshots from the device – I’ve added some in the original VGA format, so you can see the quality of the onboard graphics up-close!

Please note – in the HTC model (direct from HTC) there is no TomTom pre-installed. Oh, and thanks to everyone who said they could see my home phone number on the last video – don’t worry, it’s the coolsmartphone.com phone number, so don’t worry 🙂

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