A week with the HTC Touch Diamond – Day 3

A week with the HTC Touch Diamond   Day 3 Well, another day and we’ve got yet another video for you. The HTC Touch Diamond has been in my pocket over the last few days and has helped me get to the airport via GPS, check flight times via WiFi and even see what the weather is like before I get there. Your questions have been flooding in once again, so I’ve responded to as many as possible in today’s video, which covers the data entry (keyboards), texting and MMS functions, call handling, more on the TouchFLO 3D GUI and loads of other stuff.

Tomorrow I’ll be giving the battery life a real test. I’ve got my “usual” workhorse, the HTC TyTN II, using push-email and 3G. Next to this will be the HTC Touch Diamond, which I’m going to connect to the same account on the same Exchange server. I’ll fire up the WiFi in the morning on both handsets, use the GPS to get to work, and then we’ll see how both batteries perform whilst using push-email across the 3G network. Which will win ? Find out tomorrow, but do keep your questions coming in!

Oh, and the TyTN II will be using Windows Mobile 6, and there’s apparent battery improvements in 6.1, so we’ll see how this stacks up. Read on for day 3 !

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Update – Despite what I mention in the video today, there is a small hook for attaching a lanyard / charms to – it’s tucked under the battery cover.