A week with the HTC Touch Diamond – Day 1

A week with the HTC Touch Diamond   Day 1 Well, here it is – the HTC Touch Diamond. We’ve managed to get it for a whole week so I’ve decided to do a “day by day” diary of my thoughts. This is going to be my main phone for the next 7 days, so I’ve swapped my SIM card into the phone and I’ll be doing a video diary along with the review very soon.

I’d love to get your questions about this handset now that it’s here, so add your comment below. This is the exact same handset we saw at the press event a few weeks ago – it’s got the 128Mb of on-board memory (it’ll get 192Mb when it arrives in the shops) and it’s using a test build of the Windows Mobile 6.1 OS, so we’re not going to give our final opinion on the OS until the actual full retail version arrives.

Today we’ve got two treats for you. First, there’s day one of my video diary. The video features an “unboxing” and a look at the accessories, including the power-pack too, which is pretty slick. I’ve added a bit of “behind the scenes” footage from Coolsmartphone HQ too 😉 The second treat is a full photo special. This time we’re away from the press people and there’s a great opportunity to get some fantastic up-close pictures along with comparison photos against other devices.

UPDATE – The video is now online! Read on to view it!

Links – HTC Touch Diamond – Special ReportPre-order yours here (unlocked)