Special Opera Mobile 9.5 announced for Touch Diamond

Special Opera Mobile 9.5 announced for Touch Diamond I’ve had a few emails about the availability of Opera Mobile 9.5. The truth is you can’t actually buy it at the moment. The press release, shown here, actually relates to the Opera Mobile 9.5 browser that you’ll find inside the new HTC Touch Diamond phone.

Opera Mobile 9.5 has been specially tweaked for the HTC Touch Diamond and gives fantastic one-handed viewing and navigation. We tested it ourselves and it was incredibly smooth. Web pages finally look how you expect them to look, plus there’s a “reflow” system which stops the “left and right” browsing needed to view paragraphs withing websites. Panning, scanning and zoom functions let you zip around the content whilst the HTC Diamond magic will rotate the page automatically when you turn the handset on it’s side. You can also copy text, call a number directly from a web page and use tabbed browsing to open new sites.

At the moment this custom version is available only for the HTC Touch Diamond, however Opera Mobile 9.5 will, according to Opera’s earlier press release, be available for other handsets soon.

Link – Opera Press Release