Palm Treo 500 Review

Palm Treo 500 Review It’s been a bit quiet here at for the last couple of days. Usually that means that something big is about to happen, and in this particular case it’s rather huge indeed. Check back over the weekend to find out what it is 😉

In the meantime we’ve managed to get a Palm Treo 500 handset to review. This is a messaging device with a thumb-board up front for texting and IM-freaks (although Palm would rather I point to the emailing and business applications too). It’s a “good ‘ole Smartphone”, which means there’s no touch-screen and Windows Mobile 6.0 Standard on board. This handset has recently popped onto o2 and is still available on Vodafone. Vodafone have added an enhanced navigation system to their version, although our review unit came direct from Palm, so we had a fairly standard build instead. You can read the full review, which as usual includes photos of and from the device, videos and screenshots here.

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