Broadcasting live – from your phone

Broadcasting live   from your phone Earlier in the week you may have seen our live coverage of the HTC event in London. During the day I posted live pictures, details and bullet-points from my Windows mobile phone. I wanted to cover the day without having stacks of extra equipment, so I used my mobile to be truly …err.. mobile.

For the live pictures, I used You can upload pictures to an on-line gallery via email, so I simply used my MMS client to send to an email address specified by flickr. Here’s how it’s done – just follow the article and you’ll be uploading shots in no time. To get these images displayed here on, I used the flickr badge creator to display the latest photos here on the site. This is in use on my blog, so you can see it in action.

Text updates were done via, which is a similar setup. After signing up I clicked on “Settings”->”Devices” and added my phone as an “authorised” update device. I’ve taken a screenshot of this below, it was then just a matter of sending a text message and updates would show in a box on this site. Again you can see this in use on my blog page, which grabs the feed direct from twitter. This is simple to add in, you just click “Put your updates on your site” from the main page.

The live video was, I must confess, done with the aid of a laptop, however I could have put my phone nearer to the stage and used the excellent WebCamera Plus to turn the phone camera into a PC webcam. I used to show the feed and add the cool video effects and logos you saw during the launch.

Links – twitter.comflickr.commogulus.comWebCamera Plus

Here’s the tab you’ll need within twitter to post updates from your phone – you just send a text to a special number…

Broadcasting live   from your phone