Video and Photo Special – HTC Touch Diamond Up-Close

Video and Photo Special   HTC Touch Diamond Up Close I’m still down here in London squeezing all the information possible out of HTC. The HTC Touch Diamond has lots of extra features which perhaps weren’t seen earlier. The internet browser, Opera 9.5, has a “reflow” system to make paragraphs automatically fit into the window after zooming. There’s also more to that navigation wheel – it’ll pulse if you’ve missed a call or received a text, plus you can flip the phone over to silence an incoming call.

We’ve managed to get stacks more videos and pictures for you to feast on. Here we look at that navigation wheel and the “soft glow”, whilst this video shows off the fast screen-orientation switching. The TouchFLO 3D interface gets a demo, plus there’s a quick look at the image navigation. Check out the newer photos on our flickr page which includes screen shots and close-up views of the phone.

Read on to view the vids! I love the second video down – check out the weather animation and the rain-drops.

Update – Yes, it will have 192Mb of RAM as reported in the official details. The shots you see here are from a prototype running less memory.

Links – Photo Special – HTC Touch DiamondOfficial HTC Diamond Page

This is my favourite video. Check out the ringtone changing at the end.