The HTC Touch Diamond arrives

The HTC Touch Diamond arrives Today HTC launched just one handset. Many people expected perhaps more, but this is one handset that HTC have put a huge amount of work into. The device looks sexy and it’ll be launched on five networks in Europe. A launch date of June has been given for Europe and Asia with America coming later in the year. It promises “true mobile internet” and appears, from what we’ve seen, to deliver in spades. It’s the result of an immense challenge laid down by HTC top-brass to their design team – make the mobile internet easy and design a handset that will look good in a modern art gallery. This is the Diamond – the iPhone challenger.

Peter Chou, CEO of HTC, took to the stage to announce their new baby. He stated that 2008 and 2009 was no longer just about Touch technology. It was now about TouchFLO 3D – full, usable internet and web-based applications which were easy to use – this had to be done and the HTC Touch Diamond was the phone to do it. The video screen showed a fluid, interactive interface which was smoother and more intuitive than the existing system. It is, according to HTC, the worlds most advanced phone in one of the worlds smallest phone factors. Equipped with an orientation sensor for rotating the screen whilst browsing or viewing images it also has an integrated YouTube viewer, FM Radio, and a much simpler interface into all the frequently used settings and programs you use on a daily basis. Take, for example, changing your ringtone. With the HTC Touch Diamond it’s easy, simple and quick – plus you never see any nasty Windows Mobile settings screens – it’s all done on a new HTC layer.

There’s 4Gb on-board memory but, alas, no external memory can be added. The battery life may still be open to question but, from what I’ve seen, this looks set to be a fantastic addition to the HTC range.

More to come shortly, but do check out the live pictures in my flickr gallery..

Links – HTC Touch Diamond @ pictures

Update – Watch the official videos here on YouTube – we’ve posted a selection below..

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