o2 coverage finally meets 3G licence obligation

o2 coverage finally meets 3G licence obligation UK network o2 have finally reached their 3G licence condition of 80% population coverage. It’s the last network to meet it’s obligation, with the other four UK networks reaching and breaching the figure last year. Regulator Ofcom gave the network until June to increase their coverage, otherwise they would reduce their licence term and threatened a £40 million fine – the network paid just over £4,030 million in 2000 for the licence.

In February, two months after the original deadline, o2 had only got a 75.69 % rollout for 3G. We also spotted very patchy 3G coverage when we reviewed o2 kit early last year. Let’s hope o2 continue to push forward with their 3G rollout and increase their coverage still further.

Link – Ofcom.org.uk