Do you call whilst on the loo?

Do you call whilst on the loo? If you read my blog you may have spotted this blog post from yesterday. I blogged about a guy who answered his mobile whilst in a toilet cubicle and started chatting to a colleague. I was a bit puzzled why someone would want to do this, however I seem to have sprung open a whole can of worms. I’ve received emails saying, “If it was his wife and important then maybe, but you don’t call someone you work with while you’re half naked. I mean, that’s weird!”

Other emails state, “Texting is OK though, no-one can hear the sound effects can they?” Whilst in the forum “hotphil” replied…

“That is plain wrong! I’d never take a call whilst on the loo.

But browsing the net is acceptable of course (only in our Trap 4 though where the WiFI is strongest) :)”

Ahh – I think we’ve stumbled upon a whole new topic. Whilst it may not be socially acceptable to answer or make a call whilst your “engaged” on the toilet, it would appear that browsing the net and texting is. Now, normally I wouldn’t really think that this was front page material, but my curiosity has got the better of me. So tell me, what are your opinions on what is and isn’t acceptable in this scenario ? Do you choose certain cubicles just to get better WiFi access ? Do you text or call whilst in a public toilet ?

Link – Blog post