ceSnipURL – Shrink URLs for texting and more

ceSnipURL   Shrink URLs for texting and more Those who know me well will know that I’m a tight-wad. Mr Frugal, that’s me. If I go out for a pint for the lads I’m usually the one who suddenly has to tie his shoe lace on the way into the pub. 🙂 So, to find some new free software is always a bonus 🙂

ceSnipURL is a simple free program to shorten long URL’s (internet addresses) so you can squeeze them into a text message. I needed something like this the other day when a friend wanted a link for a forum post on a website but it wouldn’t fit in a text message. Sure, longer links will be sent out as multiple messages, but they may be broken up once they arrive on the other phone. This software lets you shorten the URL and gives more space for a description – plus you save money on texts! 🙂

ceSnipURL is available for download here and will grab URL’s from your clipboard once you launch it too.

Link – ceSnipURL