More HTC Diamond and Raphael leaked images

More HTC Diamond and Raphael leaked images Oppsey. It looks like Engadget have managed to grab more news on upcoming HTC kit. The HTC Diamond is showing as the replacement to the HTC Touch, whilst the HTC Raphael is the replacement for the HTC Mogul. Both units, even in these grainy leaked images, appear to be very similar apart from the slide-out QWERTY in the HTC Raphael. Indeed, this reinforces our earlier story which showed perhaps real-life versions of the two (was the Raphael on the left and the Diamond those two handsets on the right?)

US carrier Sprint will be picking these up later in the year (Q4). From what we can see both devices get a 3.1 megapixel camera (wehay!), WiFi (wehay!) and a 2.8 ” VGA screen (wehahahay!) The devices shown in these leaked documents are designed for CDMA networks, but there’s no doubt that GSM versions will be knocking about somewhere. Other specs include Bluetooth 2.0, TouchFLO technology and GPS – yes, GPS. Excited yet?!

We’re still waiting to see if these phones will be part of the May 6th announcement.

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