I’m loving Bluetooth stereo headphones

Im loving Bluetooth stereo headphones I’m lucky enough to be an MVP – it’s an award from Microsoft which you can read more about here. Every year they send a little gift out, and this year it’s these Bluetooth headphones. They’ve been languishing in a box for a number of weeks as I couldn’t really see me being a fan, but yesterday I decided to try them out.

Running a site like this means that I lead a fairly rock and roll lifestyle, so yesterday I was pegging the washing out whilst wearing them. I have to say, I’m converted. These are brilliant. They slot over your ears and, after pairing up with my HTC Touch Dual I was soon listening to the Whitey album (you may have heard this tune from the Visa advert). Apart from the fact that I was dancing in my garden whilst pegging out hundreds of baby grows, I thought I looked quite cool. No wires, no fuss, I just fired up the HTC Audio Manager (which is miles better than Windows Media Player by the way) and I was done.

So, to my question, have you found a cool accessory for your Windows Mobile phone recently ? Or do you have some cool Bluetooth headphones that you love? Let us know, we’d be interested to hear recommendations!