Spectec microSD WiFi card IS coming

Spectec microSD WiFi card IS coming microSD cards. They’re great. Whack one in your phone and you can get up to 8Gb (provided your phone is SDHC compatible) in seconds. Wait though, because there’s another use for that slot (ahem) – you can put a microSD WiFi card in.

WiFi cards have been talked about for some time, but now it looks like this, the world’s first microSD WiFi card, will be coming out in just a few months. According to phonenews.com the card – originally announced last August – will be ready for launch in July.

Great news for those WiFi-less HTC Touch Duals etc …. until you realise that you’ve got super-fast WiFi connectivity but… no external memory. Alas the Spectec card doesn’t have any room left for RAM. Doah.

Links – phonenews.comspectec.com.tw
Credit – Matthew Dawson