Spy shot reveals possible new HTC handset(s)

Spy shot reveals possible new HTC handset(s) OK, so we know that HTC are hosting a big event on May 6th – could some of these handsets be part of it? Well, apart from the P3470 (second handset in) we’ve never seen any of these before. The picture, taken from mobile-review.com (we’ve chopped the top row of phones because we’ve seen these) states that all handsets are HTC-built. Now, there’s rumours on the net that the two on the right are possibly versions of the T-Mobile MDA Compact IV, however – we’d like to put forward another theory…

The first handset looks very interesting – a rather capacious full QWERTY keyboard, 3G capability (due to the face-pointing video camera) and touch-sensitive navigation controls. Now, we’d say there’s a chance it’s perhaps the same handset as the two on the right, just rotated and with an open keyboard. Then we’d be prepared to say that this may be a handset we’ve heard about already – the HTC Raphael (TyTN III). So, is this the first shot of the HTC TyTN III ? Well, read on for our thinking behind this one. :) Is this also the first proper look at the new HTC interface (Manila – third handset along) ? We’ll have to wait a bit longer to see what transpires early next month. :)

Update – It looks like the two on the right could be the HTC Diamond (replacement for Touch) while the one on the left could be the HTC Raphael (replacement for Mogul). Read more here.

Link – mobile-review.com forum
Credit – Johnny De’Silva

Spy shot reveals possible new HTC handset(s)
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