HKC Announce Dual SIM Handsets

HKC Announce Dual SIM Handsets I responded a little like the American Press reacted to Victoria Beckham when a press release from HKC dropped into my inbox. “Who?”, said I, “Surely they mean HTC yeah?” Well no, actually the company is called HKC and this is their HKC 1000 series handset. There’s two models, both with dual SIM slots. The W1000 has on GSM and one CDMA SIM slot whilst the G1000 has two GSM slots.

The phones aren’t just computer graphics either, this YouTube video shows the phone in action and the SIM switching. Designed for the frequent business flyer (or drug dealer, we assume), there’s no longer a need to carry two phones. Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional is included, as is Bluetooth, a 2 megapixel camera with macro mode, microSD card and WorldCard Mobile software.

The handset appears to be available mainly in Hong Kong, although it’s worth checking their site for more info. Read on for the full press release.

Links – myHKC.comYouTube video

The HKC Dual SIM Windows Mobile Series, W1000 & G1000

~ SIMply double your connectivity ~

April 10, 2008, Hong Kong
– HKC, HKC Communication (Hong Kong) Limited., is
proud to announce the launched of two pioneering models of dual SIM Card
Windows Mobile Professional™ PDA phones with dual network (GSM + CDMA) or
Dual Standby (GSM +GSM) capabilities.

The two members of the 1000 series, W1000 and G1000, both designed with a slim
and stylist body are equipped with different double network capabilities.

The W1000 is equipped with one GSM and one CDMA SIM slot, making phone calls
and data communication on different networks using one phone a possibility. The
W1000 is a great communication tool for the frequent business flyer who travels to
different countries with different network protocols. The W1000 makes calling
simple without the hassle of changing SIM cards or misplacing SIM cards.

The G1000 on the other hand has two built-in GSM SIM slots, which allows voice and
data communications between two different GSM networks concurrently. The user
who needs to carry two phone numbers can simply insert the two GSM SIM cards
into the G1000! There is no need to carry one extra phone in the pocket. This is
ideal for frequent or seasoned travelers to maintain connectivity with his or her
home country number and at the same time take advantage of the relatively cheap
local charges by using an additional SIM card from the local mobile network.

The 1000 series was designed with both functionality and style in mind. The casing
for both model are crafted in a cool dark titanium color with an easy to type keypad.
Both models run on Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional, which gives
seamless integration with thousands of third party software, making the user
experience as personalized as possible. The Bluetooth™ feature is enabled, perfect
for consumers on the move. To top off these qualities, its large 2.8” inch screen
gives off crystal clear images making viewing multimedia on the go an enjoyable

Other key features include:

– A two megapixel macro-enabled camera

– A micro SD memory card slot for adding up to 4GB storage space.

– WorldCard Mobile software to manage business cards

The HKC 1000 series is the first two members of the HKC family and is now available
for sale. For more detail specifications, please visit our official website:

HKC Announce Dual SIM Handsets