TouchBrowser – Drag and drop internet browsing

TouchBrowser   Drag and drop internet browsing Watch out, because I’m about to use “that” phrase. Makayama have just announced TouchBrowser. It’s an iPhone-like (doah!) touch-and-drag browser which will let you slide your web pages around the screen in a fluid motion using your finger.

In practice it seemed to ignore ActiveSync connections and slowed to a crawl with larger pages, especially on my HTC Touch Dual. From what I experienced it was nothing like the video. There’s a mobile and desktop view setting and a built-in navigation aid to tell you what area of the page you’re reading.

Click on to see TouchBrowser in action with a YouTube video demo. There doesn’t appear to be a trial version available at present.

Link – TouchBrowser £7.54 ($14.95 / EUR 11.95)