In video – Google Android on my HTC Touch Dual

In video   Google Android on my HTC Touch Dual Thanks to some rather nifty work by the guys at I’ve just managed to do something rather special with my HTC Touch Dual. What is it? Well, I’ve got Google Android working on it. Sure, it’s a little hit-and-miss right now and it took quite a few reboots to get this on video, but it does actually run. Remember this is early days yet, so don’t expect the whole menu system to work like a dream. 🙂

There’s no nasty ROM hacks or anything like that – this is just a simply Linux image running within Windows Mobile. Apart from some very shaky and blurry videos on the web, this is probably the first time it’s been seen running on Windows Mobile anywhere on the net. Check out our videos below.

So, after seeing how easily it runs, is that huge HTC announcement anything to do with Google Android?

Update – Here’s a second video, oh and yes – that is our baby son gurgling in the background ! 😉

Update 2 – We’ve been sent this longer video uploaded just today showing even more of Google Android on the HTC Touch Dual. Check it out below. I should also point out that many people have downloaded our vids and then re-uploaded them to YouTube to try and promote their websites (usually drugs or other such internet rubbish) – we’re currently dealing with these with YouTube.

Links – Video 1Video 2

Video below uploaded today by s9a9x9