Send Contact Info and much more via text – for free

Send Contact Info and much more via text   for free Want to send contact information via a text message ? Well, it’s not always available on all Windows Mobile handsets. Only some of the latest devices have the ability to send contact details to someone using a simple text message, so – if you’re in need of a free tool to do this, check out Send Contact.

Available for touch-screen handsets Send Contact also gives you the ability to send files and images in a text message. How? Well, your file gets uploaded to a server direct from your phone, then a direct URL to that file is sent to your recipient in a normal text message. This is a great way to cut down the cost of sending images via MMS, plus it means you can send ZIP, Word Documents and other important files to friends who may not have email-enabled phones.

Get Send Contact for free below. If you’re running Windows Mobile 5 you’ll need to grab .NET Compact Framework 2.0. Don’t forget though, it’s all completely free.

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