Windows Mobile 6.1 Finally gets announced

Windows Mobile 6.1 Finally gets announced In Las Vegas Microsoft have now announced Windows Mobile 6.1. It’s been leaked quite a bit already, and we’ve seen phones at trade shows sporting the new OS, however Microsoft have now confirmed..

– Updated Internet Explorer bringing full-screen web-page browsing and multimedia from Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight.

– Easier and quicker setup of email, Bluetooth abd WiFi thanks to the Getting Started Centre

– More information available at a glance.

– Threaded text messaging, enhanced home screen.

Interestingly, there’s an increased mention of the term “smartphone” throughout the press release. Updates to existing handsets are expected in the third quarter of this year, with new handsets appearing imminently.

This is all pretty good, but we’d like to hear your opinions. Does Windows Mobile 6.1 go far enough? A homescreen updated months after HTC did the same thing? A zoom function on Internet Explorer which is one of many other functions already available on other browsers? An easier setup utility? Is it all enough to keep you loyal?

Link – Microsoft Press ReleaseSee it in action here