Get our special edition of Viigo – for free!

Get our special edition of Viigo   for free! We have a rather big announcement to make today, and it’s something we’ve been working on for quite some weeks now. We can now announce the immediate availability of the Coolsmartphone edition of Viigo.

Viigo is the premier news reader for checking RSS feeds wherever and whenever you want. You can add all your favourite news, sports, entertainment, blog and weather information and access it on the move. RSS feeds are great because only a very small amount of data is sent to your device, or you can sync on your PC and check news items later without using any of your mobile data allowance.

Our very special Coolsmartphone edition includes loads of your favourite Windows Mobile websites, plus we’ve added our favourite news feeds so you’re ready to go straight away. Download it by clicking the button on the top-right of our site, by browsing to on your handset or by following this link. This is a fantastic bit of software that I use daily, and it’s completely free, so get downloading and keep updated with the latest news and events on the go!

Wait – what’s that? Never heard about RSS feeds? Confused by them? Don’t be, we’ve got the full low down to help you figure it out.

Link – Viigo