Garmin Mobile XT – Reviewed

Garmin Mobile XT   Reviewed This week I’ve been busy reviewing the Garmin Mobile XT. It’s sat-nav software that’ll install on a variety of phones and is available now for a little over £50 (GB and Ireland) with free traffic updates. The software comes with a host of navigation options and settings, plus it’ll try and auto-setup your GPS device so you can get going quickly.

Delivered by way of a 512Mb data card, this is a simple plug and play installation with 3D maps coupled with of turn-by-turn voice navigation and a simple interface with powerful advanced settings. Many of you may have a card which is bigger than the 512Mb included, so you’ll no doubt want to copy the content onto your existing card. This CAN be done – I’ve just tested it by copying the contents of the 512Mb card to a 6Gb SDHC card and it runs / installs perfectly well, which is a bonus.

Have a look at our full review which contains the usual screen grabs plus some in-car video of the software in action.

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