Peter Chou interviewed by Laptop Magazine

Peter Chou interviewed by Laptop Magazine Laptop Magazine have had a chat with the CEO of HTC – Peter Chou and, I must admit, it’s a very refreshing article. He discusses many topics including the HTC Shift and the Android project, plus he seems to confirm that HTC are building the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1. For me though I love how tuned in HTC are to the customer base. Chou states..

“The Windows Mobile platform has a lot of good stuff inside, but the user interface has not been easy. It is very techy and not intuitive. HTC decided to innovate on the user experience, so we launched the HTC Touch and it was a great success. This year, we are coming out with even more exciting new product innovations, and we are more focused on the mobile Internet experience. Mobile Internet is going to be key in terms of making the experience more successful. We want to ensure that consumers experience that on our devices.”

This, in my mind, is key. I’m hoping that HTC are working on some sort of browser or browser technology. We’ve seen already that HTC are perhaps not huge fans of Pocket Internet Explorer by instead using Opera as the default browser in the HTC Advantage X7500, so perhaps this hints towards a new browser. Adding a zoom function to the existing Internet Explorer, as we’re rumoured to see in Windows Mobile 6.1, just won’t cut it I’m afraid.

Link – Laptop Magazine