Wauw – Pictures, music and radio anywhere

Wauw   Pictures, music and radio anywhere Wauw is a pretty interesting service giving you access to photos, music and radio stations from your mobile phone. Just download a program onto your PC and your’re ready to go. You can also send pictures from your phone back to your PC – instantly updating your photo collection.

The guys have just emailed me to announce the launch of their new “myPhoto Widget” which lets you send your photos direct from your phone onto the web. You can refresh your photo anywhere, anytime. It’ll update your widget, whether it be on Facebook or on your friends’ desktops instantly. Wanna see it in action? Try their demo and try it out!

Listening to your favourite radio stations, accessing photos and listening to music from your PC isn’t all though, the guys at wauw have plans for video, webcam and TV access too!

Link – wauw.fm