Get yourself a TAD for easier typing and control

Get yourself a TAD for easier typing and control Now, I get some weird press releases and news suggestions at times, but this is one which I’m struggling to file. It sits somewhere between “genius” and “rather strange” and has a variety of uses. The TAD is primarily designed to let you text and use a touch-screen without a stylus and may be especially useful for those lovely ladies who prefer to have the nails undamaged by phone keyboards.

Now, before I type this next sentence I must apologise to the manufacturers for my appauling description. Essentially it’s a ring with a “pointy bit” on, letting you tap away on touch-screen devices and text with ease. There’s various “pointy bits” (sorry) and a selection of coloured rings and sizes to choose from. Buy them for £2.99 each (with around 48p postage in the UK) via PayPal.

Link –

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