Speereo Voice Organizer – Your mobile secretary

Speereo Voice Organizer   Your mobile secretary Ever wanted a secretary in your pocket? Well.. err.. now you can thanks to Sapie. She’s got voice recognition and artificial intelligence making her faster and easier to use than your existing calendar, contacts and notes applications.

Using a unique speech recognition algorithm this program promises to understand your command and act on them quickly. Designed for a wide range of tasks, including voice-activated emailing, dialing and note-taking, it’s easier to be organized. Everything you do will integrate with your existing calendar and contacts too.

Various versions are available depending on what you need, ranging in price from $14.95 (£7.50) up to $39.95 (£20.04). There’s also versions for you to try out, so you can see if Sapie understands you first. I’ve not had chance to try this one out yet, so let us know if Sapie is able to understand you!

Link – Speereo Voice Organizer