Silverlight goes mobile at last! On.. Nokia phones?!

Silverlight goes mobile at last! On.. Nokia phones?! Back in September we ran a story entitled Silverlight goes live, where’s the Windows Mobile lovin’? What is Silverligh though? Well, simply put, Silverlight allows web apps to be developed with animation, vector graphics and audio-video playback. It’ll compete with Adobe Flash, QuickTime and the like. Yesterday it was finally announced for mobile phones.. ermm.. Nokia ones

Ah.. Apparently Microsoft are still “working on” a Windows Mobile version of Silverlight, and the partnership with Nokia is designed to extend the reach of the product. GM of Microsoft’s Developer Division, John Case, said …

“We can’t pretend to be a really ubiquitous play without being a partner with Nokia and Symbian.”

Say what you will, this is sure to make Windows Mobile owners feel a little less important…

Links – BBC
Credit – Trim and Dave Shaw