Sony Ericsson gives 2009 release date for the X1

Sony Ericsson gives 2009 release date for the X1 After a rather major product announcement the last thing you’d want is for a 2009 release date to appear on the web. Alas, that’s what’s happened to the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1. Here it sits with a release date of February 10th 2009.

We think this is probably a mistake, namely because it’s precisely one year from the date it was announced. Let’s hope Sony Ericsson correct this omission just after they’ve sent one over for us to review (go on SE, you know you want to) ;)

Update – It looks like the unofficial Sony Ericsson Blog have news on this with a statement from Sony Ericsson stating..

“We will be launching the X1 product in 2nd Half of 2008, as per our announcement of 10th February that we made in Barcelona”

Links – sonyericsson.comXperia X1 Release details
Credit – Johnny De’Silva

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