HTC Shift – Go get yourself one

HTC Shift   Go get yourself one Regular readers will be pretty familiar with the HTC Shift by now. After all, we reviewed it way back in October last year and I tested the portability of this Windows Vista / Windows Mobile “SnapVue” device by taking it to the pub with me. To have a full version of Windows Vista (just) in your pocket is pretty cool, plus the HTC SnapVue technology lets you see whether emails or texts have arrived without you having to fire up Vista.

Now you can buy it – no contract required. Use whatever SIM card you want and away you go. The cost? £834.99 with VAT, or £710.63 without VAT. It’s certainly a lot cheaper than the upcoming Orange version, which will be sold for a whacking £999 with a data tariff. I’ll say no more about those Orange data plans either…

Oh, and we’ll have more news on this device very shortly…

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