Zumobi – A video view

Zumobi   A video view You may remember how Microsoft have tied up with Zumobi to help distribute and promote their new product. It’s a mobile entertainment and information gateway with a slick GUI and updated news from various sources. It’s controlled with a zooming interface using the numeric keys on your phone or with the navigation control.

After signing up you can then download the free application and get “zooming”. I had a few problems with the sign-up (it didn’t seem to recognise any UK postcode so I had to use 90210) and this is currently very US-centric, however it’s free and well worth a try. We gave it the usual Coolsmartphone video treatment, so read on for a look around the interface.

Link – zumobi.comPress Release

Oh, apologies for the abrupt ending on this video – the batteries in the camera gave up! 🙂