i-Mate JAMA 101 Review coming soon

i Mate JAMA 101 Review coming soon Just yesterday i-Mate announced the launch of two new handsets – the Ultimate 8502 and the Ultimate 9502. However, there’s other i-Mate devices out there, and we decided to take a look at this – the JAMA 101. It’s a dinky device and is pretty much the same size as the HTC Touch Dual.

Available off-contract from devicewire for £199.95, it’s powered by a Samsung 300Mhz CPU and Windows Mobile 6 Pro. I’ll admit that the specs-list isn’t exactly thrilling – there’s no WiFi, no 3G, no EDGE and it runs Bluetooth 1.2, however I do like it’s diminutive size and robust build. We’ll be reviewing this shortly, and I’ll have a video online this week to give you a tour around the device.

Link – i-Mate JAMA 101 @ devicewire.co.uk